Push by Sapphire is one of my absolute favorite novels. Now it has been transformed into a film called Precious. This makes me nervous because movies usually do books no justice and taint your view of the story.

Apparently, Sapphire had the same reservations. Not sure how I feel about this. I guess I need some time to let it marinate in my mind.

I will say that I’m glad Sapphire is getting the recognition she deserves for writing such an amazing book. I still don’t think I’m going to go see the film, though. I’ll probably just spend that time rediscovering the book (since it’s been about eight years since I last read it).

Anyway, here’s a good article I found about the book.


I decided to do a series of blog entries about the mixtape. I’m starting with F.C.G. (Black Gurl Song).

I wrote this song two years ago after really paying attention to Ntozake Shange’s Choreopoem, ‘For Colored Girls’ (So obviously FCG stands for For Colored Girls). I was particularly inspired by the part where she says “Somebody, anybody, sing a black girl song. Bring her out to know herself.” I was like that’s so true!And that’s how I feel. Within current music, esp. hip-hop, I feel like you NEVER hear black girl songs anymore. I’m talking about a real black girl perspective – not what we think other people want to hear, or trying to become men in skirts, basically, but REAL black girl’s songs and black girl’s stories (what we go through and how we feel). So I wanted to just express that and implore the world to “sing a black girl song” because they are getting our stories ALL WRONG.

Anyway, the lyrics are below (click the title of this post to continue reading).


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