10 Fashion Instagram Pages I Love…

10 Fashion Instagram Pages I Love (Part 1)

A lot of you have asked me what inspires my style. This is a hard question to answer because I do so much mixing and matching, repurposing, thrifting and oftentimes even making my own clothes. I can’t even pinpoint where I shop the most (there are a couple of stores I could name here, but like I said in my hair-related post about the shampoo brand–no free shoutouts!).  

Now, I’m not a traditional blogger in the blogging sense—at this point this blog is to just keep you all updated on my music and my life/lifestyle—but I decided to make a post highlighting some of the Instagram pages that I enjoy visiting. Not all of these are fashion bloggers—some of them just have a dope sense of style so I’ve included them. This list includes both high-end designer-obsessed pages, and those who go for more quirky, untraceable finds. There are also store and model pages mixed-in. Also, some are just curators who pull in and compile photos from other pages. But Anyway 😉, here goes.

1. “Lady.Baptiste” 

Instagrammers I Love - Tarica June

This is my favorite of all the pages. Hailing from Canada, ‘Lady.Baptiste’ incorporates lots of layering, which of course I love, and she offers just the right mix of play clothes vs. professional; edge vs. polish. I need that because obviously for my day job I wear one type of clothes and for my real life I wear another type.

Here are some of my favorite looks from her page:

Instagrammers I Love

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2. “UpCloseAndStylish” 


This page belongs to a mystery woman who takes great care not to ever show her face (she even puts smiley face emojis over her face in all of her IG Stories). However, you know the internet tolerates NO secrets so the girls figured out who she is. But anyway, this woman has all the shoes. All the bags. All the things!! But that’s not even why I like her.  

Firstly, I really like the three photo different angle thing she does with each outfit so that we can really take it all in. Secondly, I think she just puts her outfits together very well! She never does too much. Her page has a mix of whimsical looks (like flowy maxi dresses and skirts) and more sporty looks like short shorts with netted or studded ankle boots. I feel like she does a good job of showing a mix of moods through her clothes.  And she does a lot of high-low mixes, so not everything she wears is outside the normal person’s price range (most of it is though). Here are some of my favorite looks by her.

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3. “SoSomeShop”

I discovered SoSomeShop through Etsy.com. I like to get a lot of custom pieces made (I often don’t fit squarely within a particular size), and Etsy is one of my go-to resources for that. Once I bought one of SoSomeShop’s pieces I was hooked. They’re so well-made, comfortable, and unique. The fabrics are very vibrant, and I feel like they look good on every body type.  I wear their pieces all the time, most notably, I wore one of their shirts when I went to visit BBC News to be interviewed about “But Anyway” and gentrification in the United States. (photos here)

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4. “DesignerGrails” 

DesignerGrails is a curated street style feed that features male and female designer clothing worn in unexpected ways. I like this page because it gives off such a positively street-savvy vibe that you almost don’t even notice the expensive labels. You’re just taken in by how the fits are put together. Here are some of my favorites from their feed.

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5. Youthsmhr 

This Parisian stylist’s IG page reminds me of Aaliyah and Ciara. It makes me think that if Aaliyah was still alive, this anonymous person would definitely have been her stylist. He plays around with objects such as belts, and even plastic bags, in very interesting ways—redefining fashion in such a way that everything we see around us has the potential to be used in service of stuntin on others. 


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6. Maxhosa 

Maxhosa by Laduma is a favorite designer of mine. His work is described as “a celebration of dark skin tones contrasted with bright hues to elevate the appreciation of colour diversity”. http://www.maxhosa.co.za/ . His pieces are fashioned from intricately woven, brightly colored knits. The patterns are amazing. Plain and simple.

By the way, in case you missed it, I happened to wear a Maxhosa skirt in my last acoustic session, which was filmed at Nubian Hueman (Here). 

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7. TheresaHayesOfficial  

Theresa Hayes is a gorgeous model signed with Ford, who has walked in countless runway shows. You may recognize her from various campaigns, including LV. Her IG page reflects a free spirit and ultra glowy skin to match her flawless physique, and I just love browsing her various looks and wishing I too could walk someone’s Fashion Week runway. Overall her page gives an earthy, retro vibe. Beyond that, I love the fact that you rarely see Theresa in wigs or with her hair straightened. (If you’ve listened to my song SELFIE, you know I’m all about embracing natural beauty). I feel like Theresa’s page reflects a deep self-love, even though, as a model she presumably doesn’t have much of a say in most of what she wears. The looks she chooses to post reflect a varied sense of style, and the signature side-profile look she tends to give is next-level. 


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8. Fashionempress40 

I debated whether to put this page on the list, since her page is now private. But I really like her selections. She plays with curves, colors, and angles in an interesting way. She is drawn to asymmetric cuts and untapped color combinations. Check it out. 

Click here to see more from fashionempress40.

If you feel overwhelmed by the bright colors in the other pages that I visit, the next couple of pages are like a reset. Just like UpCloseAndStylish these pages focus on the clothes rather than the person who’s wearing them.


9. TheVersaStyle 

TheVersastyle (the page for the Versastyle blog) prides itself on an “everyday monochrome” style. Each outfit on this page is something white, something black, some sort of denim, and/or black leather accessories (shoes and bags). You’d think that would be boring, but it actually makes for a pretty inspiring page. The page has a very clean feel, but still very informal and relaxed feel since most of the denim ends up having holes in it somewhere. 

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10. Figtny  

This page does a great job of layering oversized pieces and creating a sense of pure comfort, without leaning on the traditional black color you’d usually see in oversized big-city comfort clothing. On this page they tend to use a lot of whites, grays, and chalky browns, which gives their page a very serene feel.  It makes you want to literally climb into every piece they showcase.  

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So what about you? What fashion IG pages do you love? Because of spammers, I had to disable the comments on my website. If you wanna comment on this or any other post on this site, please do so in the latest photo on my Instagram page (http://instagram.com/TaricaJune), or on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/TaricaJune). You can also send me DMs or email me. Peace. 

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