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Happy Valentine’s Day! In honor of the occasion, here’s my love letter to hip-hop. This is from my upcoming promotional video that’s still in editing, but in light of some recent events I wanted to share this now. Thank you very much for your support.


Verse 1:

I’m Tarica June, I’m sittin on the moon with my legs swingin/
you would think my name was Dre the way I keep the heads ringin,

but I’m bringin everybody up to my level
savin pennies for my thoughts that they try to embezzle/

they is bizzles–they be actin like they real when they ain’t/
they aint changin the game, they chill in the paint/

no outside shot, only doin what’s expected/
go head and prove me wrong I’ll gladly stand corrected/

recognize and respect it, this has been interjected/

they wasn’t payin attention and the ball got intercepted/

I’m about to run that joint way down the field, I’m unsigned, no deal, I give a f**k how they feel/
cuz it’s real–it’s a movement that I’m startin this year/

it is called make the music that you would wanna hear/
you can spend your bars making love to your cars/

or you could help us all travel past Mars, be the stars/


Dear Hip-Hop, don’t worry, I got you
I know others masquerading and they faking, they not you
I’mma get it all straight and represent when I rock you
I know they been tryna kill you, Boo, I won’t let em pop you, no

Verse 2:

I’m Tarica June, I don’t be following no freakin templates
–you know that already if you listened to my mixtape

if you didn’t, get your sh*t straight,
get to downloading, I ain’t holding up, this ain’t waiting/

for them to come and recognize it/
it’s better than what came before any way that you size it/

up…that’s the direction that I’m goin in, they lookin at me like they don’t know the language
I’m flowin in/

either way, they’ll be throwin in the towel after while/
sittin back and talkin about how I got my own style/

tryna copy me while I’m on to the next, no time for an imitator/hater no stress/
yes…you have officially been blessed/

your new favorite rapper stay in heels or a dress, with some locs,
still she don’t fit up in anybody’s box/

no tellin where the spaceship stops, throw rocks, yeah…
I wanna rock right now

Tarica June and I can only get down/

I’m soon to be internationally known/
so if you aint support, don’t ring my phone when I get on


Verse 3:

I grew up on Queen Latifah, Slick Rick, Moni Love, KRS, De La

tell me what y’all thinkin of

what do y’all be rappin bout?
what do y’all be rappin for?

this sh*t just aint workin out
we could all be doing more/

so I’m comin back for this hip-hop music
cuz it ain’t nothin like hip-hop music

food for the people ‘fore the corporations used it

hard to deny it, don’t try it, be quiet
I’m comin for the fakers, I’m a one-woman riot/

and the difference is with me I give it everything inside it’s
not a game–I know from whence it came/

it’s a shame how we gave it all up for the bling and the fame but/
me and hip-hop go back like car seats/

so we ain’t allowin none of that wack on our streets/
we rememberin the days of the wax and concrete/

and if y’all aint respectin that sh*t don’t speak

me and hip-hop go back like cornrows/
so we comin and we callin you out at your shows

till they runnin in and haulin you out, and doors close/
and they all be like just don’t speak–Morse code



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